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eco-friendly premium packaging

We’re committed to developing eco-friendly premium packaging in support of packaging sustainability goals. Our process involves design, production, material selection, enhancements, and end-of-use considerations.

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Pathway to sustainable packaging

Our goal at JohnsByrne is to assist our customers along the path to a more sustainable package. We do this by leveraging multiple elements:

  • Creative structural design that can reduce the amount of outer packaging.
  • Leverage and support the use of recognized certifications, including FSC and PEFC.
  • Reducing the use of virgin paperboard, by using high percentages of post-consumer waste.
  • Leveraging inks, foils, and embellishments that make packaging standout, but still represent a responsible consideration for our environment.
  • Combine the best structure with optimal paperboard, to align with our customers needs.

Designing eco-friendly packaging

Our knowledgeable and diverse structural design team works directly with our customers to understand their brand direction, product vision, and their desired high-impact result. Our team delivers concepts that consider the environmental impact, and are vetted with manufacturing to ensure manufacturability, all while following the JohnsByrne daily mantra of “pressing the limits” for structural packaging designs.

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Sustainable packaging materials and decoration

Post Consumer Waste (PCW)
PCW is recycled paper that’s made entirely from post-consumer waste, which is waste that people have used and recycled instead of discarding to landfills. You will see percentages of PCW in both FSC and PEFC certified recycled materials. JohnsByrne offers various PCW content paper from 10% – 100% PCW. JohnsByrne can advise on the various PCW content levels available and guide how the PCW level can affect the aesthetics, price point and availability of the paperboard.

Metallic Decoration
We offer cold and hot stamping, the transfer foil is used only for transferring the thinnest decorative layers to the package making it a more sustainable option compared to other metallic decoration techniques, and foiled cartons are recyclable.

Plastic Free
We offer full paperboard solutions for our folding cartons and rigid boxes that are fully recyclable. Our paperboard trays replace traditional vac try inserts to create fully recyclable packages.

Making a brand statement

Sustainable packaging allows companies to stand out in a competitive and quickly changing marketplace. In addition, your product packaging will:

  • Maintain customer loyalty among shifting products and a plethora of options with the knowledge your focused on an environmentally conservative footprint.
  • Sustainable messages proved a stronger brand identity that is as likable, as it is memorable. This increases the company’s chances of attaining loyal repeat customers.
  • Consider the evolution of your brand, and sustainable messaging, as part of your packaging strategy.