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Decemberists ‘Exploded Edition’ Box Set

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The Decemberists wanted to create a unique, limited edition 7” vinyl book. The goal was to create an interactive and individual experience for their loyal fans. ​

Our Approach

  • Provided with flat artwork, our structural designers were given creative freedom to determine what elements would be chosen for the pop-up component, how certain art elements would be engineered to “elevate” from the page, and where the best hiding spot would be to place a “secret” Illimat Card.​
  • The structure of this packaging was designed to mimic a pop-up book, therefore encouraging consumers to interact and engage with the packaging through touch.​
  • Matte lamination was used on all components to give it a “canvas” feel while enhancing the durability of the pin-wheeling functionality of the piece, giving it a more “archival” quality.​​
  • Certain artwork was engineered to move downward when opened, giving the illusion of elevation.


A fun and interactive book with each page containing unique artwork, a vinyl, and some even featured collectible hidden elements such as the Illimat card.

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